Smash and Go

Our basic package for corporate and community events!

Just Smash and Go


Time to Smash

Each person gets to spend 15 minutes in the trailer, smashing things, screaming, yelling, laughing, and taking their frustrations out on a lot of breakable items.


It's all included

Unless you have something very specific that you want to see go away in very spectacular fashion, we bring all of the breakables you could possibly need.


Safety First

All participants must wear our safety gear at all time while inside the Smashroom.  We want you to be safe.


Food and Fun

Need some food to keep the smashers fueled up, packages can include food.

It’s the most fun thing ever, you get to smash things all day long… I have ink on my face, I just ruined a printer.  It was AWESOME!

Our Packages

We have packages for business and personal events of all shapes and sizes!

Check Your Date!

As soon as you know your event date, let's get your time booked and reserved!

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