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Here’s the Story of How Rage Rooms Took to the Road

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Why a mobile smashroom?  

It’s a crazy, fun business opportunity!  We wanted to provide an outlet for people to release their anger and frustrations in a fun and healthy way.  Our goal is to make the world a better place through helping people be more relaxed and less stressed.

How did this all begin? 

One day, our Owner, Marc Cain, was traveling with his wife, Deborah, in Arizona and was looking for something to do.  He found a brick and mortar rage room.  It sounded like a blast and asked his wife if she would like to do it with him. 

Marc’s wife, Deborah, is very laid back and didn’t see why smashing things would be fun.  She said no, but she would go with him and watch.  When they got there, they saw how much fun people were having. 

Deborah was convinced when she found that you could write a name or a problem on a plate and smash the heck out of it.  Ends up she had the time of her life and Marc knew he wanted everyone to have this opportunity.

Why Mobile?

We’ve all seen a variety of entertainment venues that started out in a physical location go mobile.  Rock climbing walls are mobile.  Paint & Sip art gallery’s have gone mobile.  Now the rage room / smashroom has gone mobile. 

Single locations can be limiting to the programs you want to run.  To be a team-building / training venue you have to have extra space that isn’t always being used. Guests have to figure out the logistics of transporting a group to a venue. But, what if you bring the team-building to the team. Or bring the fun to the party.

So, we looked to create an exerience that can hit the road and go to the customer.

Marc Cain

Marc Cain


Marc was born in Virginia, adopted by two incredible parents and has lived most of his life in North Carolina. After a brief stint in Washington State and Georgia Marc was able to move back to where he calls home. He has been in sales for most of his working career. In recent years Marc has enjoyed building an online jewelry business as well as a wholesale jewelry business. He loves to travel with his wife and enjoys learning and growing from his travels. Family is very important to Marc and he is fortunate to live close to his parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. Marc loves being involved in his community and is very active with Business Leaders Unleased, The Lotta Foundation, The Cain Center for the Arts and the Lake Norman Chamber. As Marc begins this next venture, he is grateful for all the people that have encouraged and supported him and He looks forward to another enjoyable and rewarding time in his life.

We Recycle

Breaking materials down into smaller parts is the first step of the recycling process. So while you are taking out your aggression and stress on the various items in the trailer, you are actually helping us take items that may have ended up in a garbage dump and start them on the journey towards being reused.

After you break things, we work with a variety of recycling partners to continue to break down and recycle the items we break. Glass, plastic, even the metal in the electronics can be broken down and recycled and that’s exactly what our partners do.

Our Partners

We get materials to smash from a number of sources.  Here are a couple of the businesses we have partnered with to help get their broken items to recycling centers (with a quick stop along the way to break them down a little).

CET Computer Magic

Computer repair, support, and managed services, located Mooresville. Your one stop shop for everything you need to keep your computers running.


Experimax, your local trusted tech source, specializes in Apple® product repairs and upgrades, pre-owned sales and trade-ins for; iPhone® devices, iPad® tablets, Mac® computers, MacBook®, MacBook Pro®, and MacBook Air® laptops.

Nerds 2 Go

NerdsToGo – Charlotte offers the following On-site Computer Services to both Residential and Businesses.

    • Proactive Maintenance to improve your Network’s Up-time
    • PC, Laptop, & MAC Troubleshooting and Repair
    • Antivirus Protection and Removal
    • Data Security and Recovery
    • Wi-Fi speed improvement
    • Smart Phone and Tablet Support and Repair

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We have packages for business and personal events of all shapes and sizes!

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